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Only few were born but
only the strong are Omega.


In the fantasy land that it sometimes seemed like up at Cornell University (especially for a Latino from New York City), in the summer of 1981, an idea was born. It was an idea that would take a life of its own. A conversation was started by a group of Latinos on campus that summer brought up the fact that there was a need for a Latino fraternity at Cornell. At the time, there was little choice for Latinos who wanted to join a fraternity; you either joined a traditionally white fraternity or a traditionally black one. This group of Latinos began not only to talk about the idea of creating a Latino fraternity, but to take some steps towards building one. From that summer conversation sprung informal meetings to discuss the idea.

I was working as a Peer Counselor for the minority Summer Program at the time. Everyone agreed that there was a need for brotherhood and unity as well as a need for more cultural expression and exchange of ideas between Latinos at Cornell, but very few where willing to commit to more than words. We all wanted this new fraternity to not be a typical fraternity - less Animal House and more one of true Latino Unity and Culture and academic excellence. We wanted this new fraternity to shine for its Latino pride and represent all that is good in our people and culture.

La Unidad Para Siempre! Founding Father:

Hernando Londoño

It doesn’t matter how one was brought up. What determines the way one does anything is personal power. A man is only the sum of his personal power, and that sum determines how he lives and how he dies.

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination."

About Omega

A little bit about ourselves

Welcome to the website of the Omega Chapter, of La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity Inc.,Located In Rochester, NY. Our chapter was founded in 1997.

La Unidad Latina believes in a diverse membership, a commitment to academic excellence and a proactive vision towards raising awareness about the Latino culture and history. Through these efforts we hope to affect change and provide our community with examples of leadership, integrity and self-empowerment that will allow us to challenge adversity and inequality. We hope that your visit here is both informative and helpful.


Los Hermano's Imprescindibles of the Omega Chapter La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc.

"It does not matter how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get up."

Omega's Lines

Our chapter has been shaped by the omnipotent individuals brought into the chapter. Below you will find a brief descripton of our members


  1. Spring 1997: Alpha Line

    "Los Padres de la Piedra"

    1) Manuel Ramirez Esq - "Roca"
    2) Rafael Morales - "Alma"
    3) Eddie Garcia II - "Soldado"

  2. Spring 1999: Beta Line

    "Los Esculptores"

    1) Julio Carballo - "Brutal"
    2) Jonathan Malavé - "Intenso"
    3) Orlando Torres - "Volcán"

  3. Spring 2000: Gamma Line

    "Soul Survivor"

    1) Otis Goodwin - "Diestro"

  4. Spring 2001: Delta Line

    "Los Dynamicos"

    1) Marlon Joris - "Listo"
    2) Jose Laguna - "Feroz"

  5. Spring 2003: Epsilon Line

    "La Esperanza y El Futuro"

    1) Manuel Meneses - "Indiscutible"
    2) Chris Raby - "Invincible"
    3) Marvin Jean Jacques - "Irrompible"
    4) Englebert "Bert" Tejeda - "Excepcional"
    5) Alexander Breton - "Peligroso"

  6. Spring 2004: Zeta Line

    "Los Héroes Continentales"

    1) Paul Valdez - "Ejemplar"
    2) Keith James - "Verve"
    3) Carlo Fusco - "Mordáz"

  7. Spring 2005: Eta Line

    "Los Caudillos"

    1) Edwar Estrada - "Adalid"
    2) Angel Sosa - "Guerrero"
    3) Christian Luperon - "Fiera"

  8. Spring 2006: Theta Line

    "La Reforma Trinitaria"

    1) Randolph Pena - "Fervoroso"

  9. Spring 2007: Iota Line

    "Los Escogidos"

    1) Robert Duran - "Ciclón"
    2) Lorenzo Hernandez - "Valeroso"
    3) Shaun Villanueva - "Terremoto"

  10. Spring 2008: Kappa Line

    "El Fuego Del Alma"

    1) Fernando Martinez - "Imbatible"

  11. Spring 2009: Lambda Line

    "Los Guardianes De La Verdad y La Paz"

    1) Maurice Evans - "Guardián"
    2) Lorenzo Mendez - "Gladiador"
    3) Luis Soto - "Coronel"
    4) Miguel Adames - "Cataclismo"
    5) Joseph Gonzalez - "Perpetuo"

  12. Spring 2010 Mu Line

    "Los Hijos Y Guerreros De La Libertad"

    1) Samuel Guzman - "Hierro"
    2) Jonell Liriano - "Supremo"
    3) Daniel Solis - "Impavido"
    4) Khaled Suleiman - "Indomito"
    5) Andrew Ruiz - "Titan"

  13. Spring 2012 Nu Line

    "Mercenarios Por Nuestra Patria"

    1) Kendrick Chea - "Ahínco"
    2) Jose Camilo - "Invicto"
    3) Paul Mendez - "Bastión"
    4) Alex Martin - "Apocalíptico"
    5) Diego De La Cruz - "Atlas"

  14. Spring 2014 Xi Line

    "Los Soldados Unidos De Perseverancia"

    1) Julio Alvarado - "Incisivo"
    2) Jimmy Escalona - "Férreo"

  15. Spring 2015 Omicron Line

    "Los Partidarios Del Honor"

    1) Daniel Santoyo - "Virtuoso"
    2) Brandall Bernal - "Baluarte"

Our Current
Undergraduate Body

Kendrick Chea

Upcoming Events

Elite Thanksgiving Food Drive

The Elite Hermanos of the Omnipotent Omega Chapter of La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity Inc. will be collecting canned foods throughout the month of November, in order to help feed the poor of Rochester, NY.

Please feel free to contact an Hermano to donate! Call/text/Email Kendrick-(516)419-0214/

Link to Flier

Elite Can Jam

November 15th

In conjunction with the Elite Thanksgiving Food Drive, the Hermanos of the Omnipotent Omega Chapter of La Unidad Latina. Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity Inc. will be hosting a Thanksgiving Party in the Douglas Leadership House at the University of Rochester on November 15, 2013.

The entry fee is to BRING AT LEAST 3 NONPERISHABLE FOODS ex. canned goods!!! If you fail to bring nonperishable foods the entry fee is $5!!!

Link to Flier

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In a society that largely defines where you live based on where you get a job, our approach to living was quite the contrary.

Rochester, NY